Putri Home Stay
Jl. Iskandar Muda Pulau Balai Phone : 085362624690

The Coral Sikandang
Home Stay & Restauran

It’s a traditional house equipped with antique furnitures
1. Standart rooms (Twin Room), Price: :  With Fun: Rp. 60.000
2.  Family rooms (Triple Room) with attached bathroom, Price: With aircon: Rp. 150.000


The Coral Bunggallow Sikandang

upload webThe place also feature a restaurant :
200.000/bungalow for two persons.
50.000 Rp per additional person (from the third on)



20150912_205029We are still improving our services. Right now, we only serve local style foods (rice, fish, vegetables, fruits). Our special menus are fried rice, fish curry, and grilled fish.

Full board is served for 150.000 rupiahs / person / day. The price includes:

  • 3 main meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • unlimited coffee, tea and water
  • snacks and fruits (if available)

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